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6 Richardson St

Tutaetoko Bach

Tucked away in the Tutaetoko Valley near Opotiki township is this hidden gem brought to life by the clients dream for off grid living and the Designers plans to make it come true. Working closely with the client and ensuring each aspect of the project was taken care of, the end result is now a self-sufficient building that definitely sits well in its bush environment but stands out as an architectural wonder

A humble 2 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms, large open plan kitchen, dining and living, this home is made to suit all aspects of rural living. A large deck to the North West means relaxing in the evenings is pleasant and tranquil. High insulation values were important and designed into the build as well as a raking ceiling with high windows to steal sun light into the home and allow sneak views of the surrounding bush

A pleasure to work on this to completion. Assisted by structural engineers and OSET designers as well as skilled builders we worked through the project with the owner to the end